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Airstream Pro Aerator - Jet Aeration / High Volume Circulator


Airstream Pro Aerator - Jet Aeration / High Volume Circulator


Product Description


Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package

Are you a lakefront owner looking to reduce muck, weeds and algae around your shoreline—minus the harmful chemical herbicides? Are you the steward of a channel, canal, cove, bay or marina where the water has stagnated from lack of circulation?  Looking for an aquaculture solution that’s easy to install, reliable and durable? 

Introducing the AirStream & AirStream PRO. 

This breakthrough technology brings jet aeration and high volume circulation together to provide one high quality system. Efficient, effective and developed specially for increasing the circulation and oxygen throughout water to reduce aquatic vegetation, improve water quality & keep the life within alive and in good health.

Visit for an in depth look at the AirStream and how they work. You will also find a variety of Videos of the AirStream in action.

Choose from the Float Mounted Unit or the Dock / Pier Mounted Unit (see below for details)

weeders-digest-airstream-aerator-circulator-water-bay-marina-channel-pond-lake.jpg   dock-mount-final-2-1.png

 For more information, pricing or to place your order call:  763-551-1441  :  877-224-4899

The Airstream & AirStream Pro:

  • Delivers rapid muck reduction when placed close to the bottom in shallow, mucky areas.
  • Effectively reduces the phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon that lead to excessive weed and algae growth.
  • Is ideal for water-body owners looking to reduce muck, weeds and algae, and to reverse water stagnation in channels, coves and bays—without using harmful chemical herbicides.

Have a larger body of water? Use multiple Airstream units, OR combine the Airstream with other technologies such as Inversion Oxygenation, to achieve full circulation and aeration. We have models for Smaller Applications such as ponds and Larger Applications for  Marinas & Commercial  applications

airstream.jpg  air-stream-pro-water-aerator-circulator-marinas-bay-channels-pond-reduce-muck-weed-solution-removal.jpg


  • Reduce muck, weeds, and algae on lakefronts, channels/canals and coves without the need for harmful chemicals
  • Breathe new life into stagnant ponds
  • Increase dissolved oxygen and circulation in aquaculture operations
  • Reduce weed growth by removing the nutrients that feed them
  • Reduce algae and improve water clarity in your swim area
  • Attract more fish

Airstream Features and Capabilities

  • Oxygenates and circulates all in one machine
  • Aerates up to 1 acre from one location
  • Circulation range of 120 feet

Models and Options

  • Float mounted unit provides the versatility to move the unit around your shoreline.
  • Dock Mounted unit with 360o Rotation
  • Choose from 1HP to 4HP - the more common options are 1 to 1.5HP
  • 1HP model can be used with a 110-volt service, and a 15-amp circuit
  • 1.5HP model can be used with a transformer for operation on the 110-volt service with a 20-amp circuit
  • Anything larger requires a 230-volt service and larger circuits to run
  • All models come standard with a 100ft power cord. (We have longer and shorter cord options available. Call for details & pricing)

AirStream Water Circulator Aerator High Powered Commercial Marina Bay Canal


Get the Most Effective, Efficient Marine & Residential Water Aerators on the Market!

 If you have a larger body of water that needs to be circulated through, then you need to find out about the next generation of AirStream and what it can do for this larger body of water that you have. Don’t write it off just yet!

The AirStream Pro is an upgraded, larger, more powerful version of the AirStream that can circulate the water throughout larger bodies of water.

It can circulate large volumes of water throughout the machine in shorter amounts of time. This increases the amount of bubbles released, increasing the oxygen levels throughout the body of water by up to 10x more than any conventional technologies on the market.

asa4.jpg adjustable-angle.jpg img-0746.jpg asa6.jpg

Use the AirStream Pro for larger bodies of water, larger ponds, lakes, lake fronts, coves, channels or managements for fish.

Since they are larger and more powerful than the other type of system on the market, you will need 220V outlets to plug the system into, with a minimum 30-amp circuit. Choose the motor that works the best for you and the water that you need to circulate.

Why Choose to Aerate the Water?

Aerating the body of water can help to preserve the body of water and to help it thrive within a environment that might be less than perfect. It can pump new oxygen into the water, helping the plant and wildlife thrive when there is little to no aeration or oxygen throughout the water.

Preserve your water quality through the easy to use aeration technology found in the AirStream.

Oxygen Brings All Good Things

Everything needs oxygen to live, including the plant and wild life found within the waters that you have. When you aerate the water more, you’re giving them oxygen needed to breathe, to thrive and to get much more out of the water than they originally were getting.

Without oxygen, the necessary part of life, the plants, the wildlife, and other parts of the water are going to soon die. You may notice more algae, more muck and a funkier smell throughout the water when it is not being aerated correctly or at all. This is your body of water slowly dying due to the aeration problem.

An increase in toxic fumes and chemicals might be on the rise without the necessary aeration. The organic waste will float to the top of the water, causing you to find many dying weeds throughout the water that need to be removed.

If the body of water that you have turns into this type of water: a type that has a weird odor, that is dying, that cannot sustain life, it is a body of water that cannot be turned back around with any amount of chemicals. Only powerful aeration can bring life back to your area of water.

Aeration Heals the Body of Water From the Ground Up

Contact us today for further information: 763-551-1441

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